Green Halo conference explores challenges and opportunities for nature recovery in the New Forest

June 2021

The fifth anniversary of the Green Halo Partnership was marked with a virtual conference: Towards 2030, which explored how individuals and organisations working in and around the New Forest National Pak can tackle the climate and nature emergencies. 

More than 130 people joined the online conference to consider how we can deliver on nature recovery and ‘net zero’ and support people’s health and prosperity at the same time in the context of the pandemic. Net zero is achieved when harmful greenhouse gas emissions produced by human activity are balanced by an equivalent amount being absorbed by the natural environment.  

Inspirational guests at the conference included keynote speaker Sir Dieter Helm, Professor of Economic Policy at the University of Oxford who chaired the Government’s Natural Capital Committee. 

Sir Dieter reflected on challenges and opportunities for our area over the next decade – meeting the net zero targets and restoring and enhancing natural capital. He said: We are lucky enough to have so many great resources in the New Forest area – including trees, wetlands, peat and the marine area that can help soak up carbon, and to restore and enhance wildlife. It’s now up to us to use these resources in the best way possible to help us meet our net zero targets and the needs of local people.’ 

Sir Dieter was joined by local voices reflecting how current opportunities can meet the challenge including: 

  • Aldred Drummond, Chief Executive of the Fawley Waterside project.
  • John Durnell, Director of Estates and Conservation Delivery, Hampshire and Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust, on nature recovery.
  • Anne-Marie Mountifield, Chief Exec of the Solent LEP, on the economy.
  • Layne Hamerston, Bournemouth University Community Partnerships Manager and co-founder of The Nature Health Network, on health and wellbeing.
  • PhD student Joseph Owen on sustainable living for the next generation.

Alison Barnes, Chief Executive of the New Forest National Park Authority and Convener of the Green Halo Partnership said: ‘Since our Partnership began, the environment has rocketed up the political agenda. And, more importantly, in the past 18 months, ordinary people have become much more aware of nature and what it offers.  

‘As it becomes ever more important that we take urgent action on the issues of our time to reduce carbon, reverse the decline in wildlife, support health and wellbeing and tackle air pollution, so we need to ensure we use opportunities in nature to make genuine improvements to the New Forest area.’ 

You can listen to the conference recording at 

The recording and presentations can be found on this page: Green Halo virtual Conference 2021 – Towards 2030 – Green Halo

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