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Encouraging sustainable living

The Green Halo Partnership can help us identify opportunities to promote better buildings and places, and so a better quality of life for local people, through:

  • Better use of locally sourced materials
  • Better design
  • New approaches to the efficient production and use of energy
  • Promoting high standards of building.

We will ground all we do in our local environment, ensuring that our natural assets – from woodland, rivers and open spaces to our diverse wildlife – can help improve the places in which we live. In doing so, we will help protect and enhance those assets, and so secure the benefits they offer society.

We recognise that there are also opportunities for looking at other aspects of how we live, from managing waste to transport. However, we have concluded that the Forum should begin with a focus on buildings and places, to keep our initial task more manageable.

Marwell’s innovative ‘Energy for Life’ Tropical House

This unique combination of visitor experience and sustainability creates a compelling story and educational opportunities

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