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Supporting the local economy

Our natural environment underpins so much of what makes our area a good place to live, work and do business: whether through the resources it offers us or the services it provides, from cleaning our atmosphere to helping prevent flooding.

Innovative businesses can harness our natural assets and realise the opportunities they offer for a new way of doing business.

The Green Halo Partnership aims to help our businesses flourish by working in harmony with our environment and natural assets through:

  • Understanding the business case for investment in our natural assets
  • Identifying how we can harness natural assets to create new business opportunities
  • Recognising how working in harmony with the environment can help an organisation’s reputation with customers, staff and the communities they are based in.

Lepe Country Park

The Lookout is a striking new glass-fronted restaurant, raised above the level of the beach, to offer uninterrupted views of the sea, as well as protect against the ravages of coastal weather and any exceptionally high tides.

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