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Barton Meadows Nature Reserve


Hampshire and Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust

Winchester City Council


SO23 7ER


Barton Meadows Nature Reserve was created during the planning process for a housing development on Barton Farm, Winchester.

Over 30 hectares of wildlife-poor agricultural land has become a buzzing, flourishing wildflower haven thanks to the Trust’s work with Winchester City Council planners dealing with Barton Farm development next door.


The Wildlife Trust’s aim is to create new habitats for wildlife displaced by the development and a quiet recreation space for local people.


It is converting the arable land into wildflower meadows and in the next few years they hope to see native species that would once have been widespread in the area, including birdsfoot trefoil, meadow buttercups and ladies bedstraw. This in turn should attract farmland birds such as skylarks, yellowhammers and linnets.


Work started 2017, on-going

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Quotes of note

“We know that there are enlightened housing developers who have been taking a lead in this area, but making this the norm could really help transform the fortunes of our local wildlife.”

Lianne de Mello
Communications Officer

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