We Value Nature natural capital webinar

05 December 2019


Have you always wondered how to pitch natural capital among your colleagues or members? Are you stuck on how to move forward on natural capital in your company or network? Have you attended one of our natural capital training events or train-the-trainer session and have follow-up questions? Then the first We Value Nature virtual office hour call is made for you!

We Value Nature’s virtual office hour call will take place on 5 December, midday – 1pm GMT. The call will provide you with a space to pose your questions/challenges and get feedback from peers on both thematic and process issues related to getting your company or network to take the next step on their natural capital journey.

Whether you have attended one of our training events or not, this will be a great opportunity for you to share your experience as well as be inspired by others.

We will be dedicating the first part of the call to addressing the sometimes confusing landscape of terminology: nature-based-solutions, natural capital, green infrastructure, nature – what does it all mean and how do these terms relate to one another?

Make sure to bring your questions and ideas with you on 5 December and register here to join the call. We also welcome any questions in advance to help shape the discussions, please feel free to send them to Katia (

Kind regards,

We Value Nature Team


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